Friday, 5 July 2013

Creative writing: plot, through the configuration of

What was first, action or adjustment? Create the plot settings or creates the environment of the plot? The answer is different for each writer. Location must be very important and should affect the plot, but it should completely overshadow it. The adjustment can also be a plot of itself.

In science fiction novels, novels of fantasy and men adventure novels necessarily setting. Scorching deserts, mountains, unusual predators of Middlearth and spy camps are frozen antagonists. The setting is in features, which seem to almost deliberately treating the protagonist to defeat. If his novel in the past or the future will take place, will be history should feel to its readers and must match the character of the protagonist. Finally not your character you would like to to see the force through metal objects, but then dates have the history in a cabin of wood in Alaska to give right? Of course not.

When it comes to setting are limited to the values stereotyped specific genres. If you are writing a fantasy story, consider, for example, the adjustment in modern Los Angeles. A popular example of a fantasy is an exterior rich fantasy Disney enchanted is where Amy Adams plays a princess who is exiled in the modern life of the city of New York.

The adjustment may affect the plot more directly and strongly. Susan Hill the Woman in black, the setting and the plot are almost one in the same. The protagonist is a lawyer who is sent to a village, where the previous owner had died. The Villa is situated at the edge of the flood plain, which keeps him prisoner, if the tides are. Around the Manor House is a swamp, where female children are buried. Over the years, the legend says that when the woman in black is seen, a child in the village of dice. Now, as a writer, the adjustment would replace anything except a very small coastal town would collapse the entire plot in the early 1900s. East is a good example of how the plot and is equal to one.

Another example of Romancing the stone, the story and setting are totally different, but feed on each other. The plot focuses on Joan Wilder, a novelist of romance of New York who tries to save his kidnapped sister. The setting is in Colombia, where they only come into conflict and adventure for the reader and has very little to do with the plot. Romance the stone easily carried out in Antarctica and the Sahara and carried out that an emerald could have, the treasure could have a priceless artifact or a bar of gold. Do not directly affect the plot, in this case adjustment, but the originality and enthusiasm for the reader. And by the protagonist experiences in a new culture, a new facet of Joan Wilder and his vision of the world to see the audience.

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