Friday, 5 July 2013

His first novel to write - a long history of design

He is writing a history of arbitrary length, an exercise, lessons in resistance, patience and commitment. The fulfillment of a long history is not trivial. An idea for a story may seem sexy and eager to begin, if you are still in the head, the writer. Real writing is not to walk in the Park, since it involves the careful attention to various other strands in the substance that makes a good story without the idea of itself.

It is not uncommon that young writers to give up the middle portion of a story. This happens when he lost the motivation by the confusion and lack of clarity about the connection of the different parts of the story and lead to the interesting result is that in my head. Most of the time, the burner is simply overwhelmed by the complexity of entering a good story tour together.

Price is a good idea for a novel, but to write what is more important than the story in a novel idea is the possession of a capacity to organize the idea in a detailed study. An outline is a General preliminary plan or account history, which focuses on the most important features of the development of the story without. Create an outline forces the writer comes face to face with the nitty gritty of the Organization of the different parts of the story. After adequate rest write very straight forward, quickly and easily.

A good scheme is as good as a finished novel. Everyone can use a good outline, to develop an interesting story, although the scheme has been made by someone. A schema focuses and clarifies grey areas between the introduction of begin, build, conflict, conflict resolution and the end of the story. Gives you immediate feedback and answers to questions like: have a good story? It is the development of the plot well done? Have all of your ideas been brought to a satisfactory conclusion?

After a long and satisfactory, the writer can begin floral motif of the story; as the introduction of characters and description, the representation of the landscape and the description, explanation of the motivation of the characters, as well as a dazzling show the beauty of the words. At this stage, different levels of meat can add to the outline to give the character of history and sentiment.

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